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What can I commission you to make?
I am happy to make basically any animal, be it extinct, modern or fictional. Dragons, griffins, insects, prehistoric fish... Anything other than humans really. I like making new things so don't be put off if I haven't made anything like it before. I use a combination of wire and beading thread for my creatures which both have different properties, if you have a preference then let me know when you commission me, otherwise I'll do what I think will work best. Most of the things I make have some degree of flexibility, I can attempt to make things more or less flexible, so as with the materials, just ask.
If you are not sure what exactly to ask about if you link to something I've made before that has the properties you want that should also work. but the main thing you should take from this is that nothing is fixed so if you want something that you are not sure I will make, or if you have any preferences of how I should make it, let me know and I will do my best. 

How much will it cost?
I can't be too specific because the exact price will depend on the number of beads used and the complexity, but the price should be around what I have put here. You are welcome to ask about how much something would cost, I don't mind estimating prices for things even if you don't end up getting it. I can't stress it enough, but if you are interested in anything, just ask! My prices are negotiable and I'd be happy to talk to you if you want something that doesn't quite fit into any of these categories.

:bulletgreen: SMALL- £5-£10 (8$-16$)
Small bead animals are around two to five centimetres long and can potentially be made into phone charms or keychains, just ask when you commission me. basically everything in this range is dependent on complexity, since there is a limit to what will fit. However, I am often surprised at how much detail a few beads can capture.
Face of the forest by Fluffysminion A shy mollusc by Fluffysminion

:bulletgreen: MEDIUM- £15-£20 (24$-32$)
Medium bead animals are around seven centimetres long and are more complex than the small ones, they are usually free standing and can be posed. At this scale things will most likely be mainly wire, with different sized beads for details.
  Shwish by Fluffysminion  Levias by Fluffysminion

:bulletgreen: LARGE- £25-£40 (40$-64$)
Large bead animals are around twenty centimetres long and if you'd prefer can be bracelets. Obviously if you do want a bracelet I would have to know the circumference of your wrist. At this sort of scale I am likely to use a combination of wire and string for different textures. They will be able to stand and hold a few poses, and will usually be stuffed so that they are a bit more robust and the weight feels more natural.
Commission: In need of a name by Fluffysminion  A Cambrian character by Fluffysminion

:bulletgreen: HUGE- £70+ (112$+)
Huge bead projects are the ones I am most vague about, since I have only made one so far. But they can have a large amount of detail and a number of moving parts, although the poses the main sculpture will be able to hold will depend on how much reinforcement is required for it to stand. 

Azure winged griffin by Fluffysminion 

All commissions are cash only (via paypal). If you do want to pay another way then let me know and I will see if it's possible, but I can't guarantee it will be. You can pay either all upfront or half when we agree on a price and half before I send it, this is because in most cases I will need to buy the beads before I can start.
When I have finished I will post an image if it on deviantart for your approval. If it's acceptable then I'll send it as soon as I can, which should usually be only a few days, if it might be longer I will let you know.

How long will it take?
This depends on the size and complexity, small things should be finished and ready to send within a week, large things will probably take up to a month and huge things will probably take several months.

How many commissions will you take?
I have 3 open slots, one priority and two pending. The thing I am currently working on will be in the priority slot, it is worth noting that the estimated time is from when the commission moves up to the priority slot, not when I agree to the commission. Once commissioned I will let you know how long it is likely to be before I start it (if you are in one of the pending slots) and I will keep you updated if I think it's going to take longer than expected, or if I have thought of something I would like to try that you didn't specifically ask for. 

Will I be able to get the physical object?
I can ship things if you want, although it will cost extra. However, the postage cost will be the same no matter how many things you buy since I can just send them all together.
If you live in the UK the postage costs £5
If you live anywhere else the postage costs £8

:bulletred: Open

:bulletblue: Open
:bulletblue: Open
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United Kingdom
Well, I'm a bit of a dabbler really, I love experimenting with different materials and techniques. I love dragons and all creatures, real and mythical, although I do have a special fondness for the extinct prehistoric creatures of all time periods. Art-wise I love cartoony and realistic digital art, watercolour painting and beadwork. I have an Etsy shop for the later, where I sell some of the one of I've made as well as offering commissions.…

Other than that I have a passion for creature design and I am trying to write a book, although I'm not very far yet.

I'm a bit shy but I'm willing to talk to anyone who wants me to talk, if you comment on any of my stuff or send me a note I promise I'll reply, whatever it's about.

List of awesome
:bulletgreen: Awesome artists: :iconcarmanmm-dirda: :iconkeberyna: :iconsilvixen: :iconamadoodles: :icondemonml: :iconwyvernadas: :iconrustyblou: :iconucaliptic: :iconsleyf: :iconfrozenfirephoto: :icondragonsflamemagic: :iconwyrmin: :iconmoonsongwolf:
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Many of you fit in more than one catagory, but to make things simpler I've just put each person in once.

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